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CTA believes that all citizens – including students of voting age – have a right and responsibility to cast ballots in a free society. Elections and election procedures should be fair and free from any unnecessary regulations that hinder voter participation. Individuals must remain free to make small political contributions, and the right of non-profit groups to pool these contributions must not be undercut.

Voter Registration And Voting Procedures

Voter registration should be an open process which encourages as many citizens as possible to vote. Every CTA member eligible to vote, should be a registered voter. Voting procedures must assure voters of a fair and accurate election process and voters must be assured that their vote will be counted as cast.

Community Engagement And Coalition Building

CTA believes in community engagement and coalition building that advances free, universal and quality public education; that recognizes educators as positive contributing members of the community; and gains recognition for CTA and local unions as a source of expertise on education issues.

Political Contributions And Reporting

CTA believes that full disclosure by candidates, organizations, committees and individuals of campaign contributions is essential to the democratic process, and opposes attempts to limit the right to support or oppose candidates and/or issues. CTA further believes that the state should maintain a database of campaign contributions that is timely and accessible.

Conflicts Of Interest

To inform the public and stave off impropriety, conflict of interest laws and regulations must require all elected and/or appointed officials to fully disclose any personal or private financial considerations related to issues before them. Where individuals or groups, including charter schools, are recipients of public funds, the same conflict of interest laws and disclosure regulations as for public schools should apply. Education employees should have reasonable access to information about their employers’ (superintendents, board members, charter school operators, etc.) economic interests. This information should be readily available to the public.

Majority Vote

CTA supports efforts to lower current supermajorities at the state and local level.