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Recognizing Outstanding Contributions to Education Through Political Action

The Member-in-Politics Award in Honor of Ted Bass, the late CTA Political Consultant, recognizes an outstanding teacher in politics for their contribution to the education profession through political action.

With the approval of the State Council of Education and the CTA Board of Directors, this tribute to Ted Bass was inaugurated in 1972. The award is designed to honor CTA members for their outstanding contributions to their colleagues across California through effective use of the political process.

2023 Recipients

Overall Award – Amie Stewart, Teachers Association of Paramount

Service Center Councils, Chapters, and Members are encouraged to submit a nominee or nominees from their chapter who has made an outstanding contribution to member political action.

Each nominee will be awarded a certificate. The certificates will be prepared by CTA and forwarded to the SCC chairpersons for presentation to the nominees at an appropriate SCC event.

The Awards Committee will screen and assess all information received about the nominees and will select one person from among those nominated to receive the award. Additionally, The Awards Committee may give up to five other awards for specific single-issue contributions. 

The individual selected will be honored by the CTA State Council of Education at its spring meeting as the “Member-In-Politics of the Year.”

Nominees must be active members who devote their time, energy, and expertise to promoting member-participation in the political process.

What political activities has the nominee performed which would qualify for the Member-In-Politics Award for the calendar year?

Recent political activity is necessary to qualify, but past work is important for providing background information.

Information should be provided about the following:  

  • Getting members involved in political activities.  
  • Involvement in statewide CTA legislative/political priority activities in areas such as school finance, political campaigns, and initiatives. 
  • Involvement in local CTA priorities such as campaigns of recommended candidates, school board elections, political training workshops, legislative newsletters, or organizing chapter political action committees.  
  • Involvement in partisan and/or nonpartisan political activities at the local, state, and/or federal level in campaigns of “friends of education” or “educationally related” issue campaigns, and including personal candidacy for public office. 
  • Involvement in coalition-building, including coalitions which work on single issues such as ballot measures, or long-term political coalitions with such groups as public employees and school-related organizations.

What specific impact did the above activities have on one or more of the following groups or organizations? 

  • Members 
  • Chapters 
  • The Service Center Council 
  • CTA 
  • NEA 
  • The Community 

NOTE: Individuals may only receive the overall state award one time, but can receive single issue awards any year.


The February 2, 2024 nomination deadline has passed.

For any questions, e-mail Tony Campa,