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Celebrating True Friends of Public Education 

The CTA State Gold Awards recognize individuals or organizations whose leadership, acts and support have indicated they are true friends of public education.

Do you know a person or business in your community that should be recognized for supporting public education? Does your local chapter or Service Center Council have a program in place to honor them? If not, create your own local or regional Gold Awards and say thank you to our supporters!

2020 Recipient

Dolores Huerta

The CTA State Gold Award(s) may be bestowed upon any person(s) or organization(s) whose leadership, acts, and support have had a positive regional or local impact on public education. 

Supporting materials should indicate how the nominee’s program and/or leadership made a regional or local impact on public education. 

The nominee does not have to reside in California. 

Nominations for the Gold Awards can be made in two (2) non-member categories: businesses or community organizations. 

Any CTA member may place a name(s) in nomination. 

Nomination form templates will be prepared by the CTA Communications Department.

Notice of the regional or local Gold Awards Program, its purpose, and its deadlines shall be advertised at the beginning of the school year. 

Completed nomination forms and all supporting materials must be received by the application deadline. 

A region or local committee shall review the nominations and select winners. The Board shall select a State Gold Awardee(s), if any, from the recommendations of the Committee. 

Determine the number of State Gold Award will be awarded for each category (business and non-profit).


January 8, 2021