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The César E. Chávez Memorial Education Awards Program provides recognition for educators and their students who demonstrate an understanding of the vision and guiding principles by which César Chávez lived his life.

Awards Criteria

Participants must show evidence of how one or more of the below principles are evident in their lives and correlate their experience(s) to the work of César E. Chávez.

Awards must focus on one or more of the following and demonstrate which principles of César E. Chávez’s legacy affect your life:

  • Principles of nonviolence
  • Self-determination through unionization (forming and joining unions)
  • Social justice for farmworkers
  • Safe food/health/environmental issues
  • Human and civil rights issues
  • Teamwork, cooperation, collaboration and/or service to others
  •  Empowerment of the disenfranchised
  • Innovation and education

We encourage applications from all students including Special Ed, Alternative Ed, ELL, etc. 

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