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CTA’s mission — and the values of its educator members — haven’t changed in 155 years: We are committed to quality public education for all students; we advocate for the civil rights and human dignity of our members, students and all working people; we push ceaselessly for a more equitable and democratic society.

We don’t act in a vacuum. Our members’ dedication and activism often tap into larger societal movements and moods, and this past year has been no exception. From #MeToo to #WeSayNoMore to our #RedForEd educator colleagues across the country who have mobilized and marched, citizens are demanding change and making unprecedented efforts to effect it.

This includes vigorously supporting candidates who share our values. For some educators, it also means jumping directly into the political process.

On the following pages, we highlight CTA chapters and members who are involved in making change. We also offer our recommendations for statewide candidates and initiatives — again supporting those who share our values.

Vote — and Get Out The Vote — on Nov. 6!  #GOTV  #WeAreCTA

Election 2018: Special Report

Follow the links below to continue reading about the election, issues and candidates in this feature.

In It to Win It CTA locals use their power for purpose Running With Values CTA members enter political races Meet the Candidates  Leaders aligned with our values A Closer LookTony Thurmond vs. Marshall Tuck In Their Own Words   Educators on why Tuck should not be SPI Voter Guide Initiatives to Know CTA positions on statewide propositions Tom Torlakson  The outgoing schools chief on his legacy