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We asked California educators on Instagram: Why are you a CTA member?

Here are some of their responses.

1. Together we are stronger!

Rosie Riveter Stronger Women

2. Because we stand in the frontlines of protecting and advocating for our students, fellow educators and public education.

teachers students dancing by a locker

3. Because I believe in the power of unions to make a strong middle class, and to fight for our students.

rise up collage pop-up

4. Not being a member is just too risky!

Prince eye roll

5. Unity with colleagues, liability insurance coverage and legal representation, to name a few!

the union is strong jordan klepper

6. Because our students deserve the best. Supporting my union is supporting our public schools.

teacher in class with students

7. Unionism has been ingrained in me since birth. I also believe in working together for success!

stronger together protest march rally

8. Because everyone needs a voice!

We must continue to exercise our voices

9. Because together we are stronger than apart.

stronger together holding hands

Why are you a CTA member? Let us know in the comments, tweet us or e-mail