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West Virginia Educators

CTA and NEA praise the West Virginia agreement that was reached today between the state and its public school educators.

“I am so proud of West Virginia educators and the West Virginia Education Association (WVEA), without whom the West Virginia Senate would not have honored the agreement to give educators, school support staff and all public employees a 5 percent raise,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. “They have stood in solidarity and made their voices heard to demand recognition of their professionalism and dignity because they know attracting and retaining the most caring and competent educators for West Virginia students is essential to their state’s success.”

Eskelsen García noted that West Virginia still needs to make additional changes to ensure they can recruit the best educators in the future. Even with this raise the state remains 43rd in the country for teacher pay, and unless the task force charged with addressing the health care system is successful, the victory will be short lived.


Earlier today, CTA President Eric Heins had sent a letter to the WVEA, saying it has “the full support of the California Teachers Association and our 325,000 members. Your cause is just and your unity is truly inspiring.”