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Gov. Newsom signs AB 1505, while CTA President E. Toby Boyd (left) looks on

Together, we made history! Across the state, CTA educators stood tall for all students and worked for much-needed changes to the charter school system. Our efforts came to fruition on Oct. 3 when Gov. Newsom signed AB 1505 and AB 1507 into law, bringing accountability and transparency to charter schools.

In March, Newsom also signed SB 126, which addresses a lack of oversight and transparency that has allowed fraud, corruption and mismanagement to flourish at charters.

This all wasn’t possible without your tireless advocacy across the state. CTA members made more than 400 visits to state legislators, sent more than 1,300 emails and posted countless messages on social media to make this mission a success. Thank you all for powering this historic victory — the first change to charter school law in 27 years.

Local school boards will now be able to consider fiscal impacts when evaluating charter authorization; the State Board of Education will be removed from charter approval and appeal processes; and charter schools will only be allowed to operate within the boundaries of their authorizing districts. And in a major win for students, all charter schools are now required to have fully credentialed teachers.

This increased transparency and accountability helps not only students and parents, but also CTA members who work in charter schools, ensuring public funds are used to support students and pay charter educators a living wage — not pad the pockets of charter school administrators. We say “No more!” to rampant waste, fraud and abuse of tax dollars by the charter school industry.

“This wasn’t possible without your tireless advocacy. Thank you all for powering this historic victory — the first change to charter school law in 27 years.”

Even with the largest education budget in our state’s history, California is ranked 39th in the nation in per-student spending. But we have a chance to change that at the ballot box in 2020 with the Schools and Communities First (SCF) initiative, which would close a tax loophole in Proposition 13 that benefits corporations and generate $11 billion for schools and public services.

Intended as tax relief for homeowners, Prop. 13 has become a tax haven for corporations, allowing them to avoid paying their fair share. Shockingly, corporations are paying less as a percentage than ever while private homeowners’ share has increased. It’s time for corporations to pay their share and stop shortchanging our students.

Please help spread the word about SCF and what it could mean for schools and public services, and be sure to sign the ballot petitions when they begin circulating through schools in November. Let’s keep this momentum!

Thank you for your continued commitment to our union and the fight for the schools all students deserve.
E. Toby Boyd
CTA President

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