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The power of educators fighting side-by-side for the resources our schools need and our students deserve is unstoppable, as the #RedForEd Movement continues here in California and across the country. CTA Vice President David Goldberg delivered a rousing speech this morning to the CTA State Council of Education, rallying educators for the battle ahead to lift up our students and communities, and invest in California’s future.

Here are five takeaways from his speech:

  1. Schools & Communities First (SCF) is the ‘Fight of Our Generation’: CTA members are working hard to spread the word about this vital initiative that will reclaim more than $12 billion a year for our public schools and community services by closing corporate tax loopholes. But first, we need to qualify it for the November ballot! Join the fight for strong communities and world-class schools, and talk to a CTA leader about how you can be a part of this exciting movement.
  2. The Power of Solidarity > The Power of Money: Massive corporations and the super-wealthy will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to mount a media campaign to spread their lies and misinformation. Social media is already filled with #FakeNews about this initiative, with corporations willing to do anything to protect their unfair advantage at the expense of our students and communities. “Being outspent is just something we have to deal with. The big corporations may have the money, but they don’t have the people,” Goldberg said. “They don’t have YOU. They don’t have US. I know we can do this. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!”
  3. When We Strike, We Win: Educators here in California and across the country, in West Virginia, Arizona, Denver and Chicago, have been demanding funding for public education and showing we are willing to go on strike for our students and communities. “Last year, one in seven CTA members was on strike. Actions by UTLA and OEA changed the narrative around teacher strikes,” Goldberg said. “It’s wasn’t just about salary and healthcare. These strikes focused on class size, curriculum, nurses and counselors.”
  4. Educator Activism Makes a Difference for Students: In 2019, educators across California fought together for and won public education resources, from local school districts to the halls of the State Capitol. Our victories continues in 2020 with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s state budget proposal for a record $84 billion in education funding, including nearly $1 billion to address the chronic teacher shortage and $900 million to support special education. “This public ed budget is a reflection of our organizing and the power of the #RedForEd Movement,” Goldberg said.
  5. Honoring Dr. King’s Legacy: During every January CTA State of Education meeting, educators honor and pay respect to the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Goldberg said our fight for vibrant, equitable and fully funded public schools for all students is a continuation of the struggle that Dr. King and so many others have fought. “Together we can make Dr. King’s vision a reality,” Goldberg said. “We are part of that struggle and we can deliver on that justice—for our students, for our schools, for our communities!”

Vice President Goldberg delivered the speech at the State Council meeting due to the absence of CTA President E. Toby Boyd, who is spending time with family after the recent passing of his mother. Our thoughts are with him and his family.