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By Julian Peeples

Educators urge Californians to vote no in the Sept. 14 recall election and keep proven leader and friend of public education Gavin Newsom at the helm as governor.

CTA State Council of Education voted overwhelmingly at its June meeting to oppose the recall and support Gov. Newsom, who has a history of working side by side with educators for the resources our schools need and our students deserve.

“Educators stand in strong opposition to the recall of Gov. Newsom,” CTA President E. Toby Boyd says. “From our classroom vantage point during the pandemic, we didn’t always agree on approach, but we’ve never questioned his commitment to California’s students and public education.”

At a time when public funds are needed to support our schools, students and families, the state will spend an estimated $276 million to hold the recall election a year before the next regularly scheduled gubernatorial election. The recall effort is funded by anti-union billionaires who want to roll back decades of progress and defund public education, with the goal of putting forth a school voucher initiative in 2022.

“The donors belong to a national network of billionaires who attack public education and are actively working to lower wages, eliminate healthcare and undermine our voting rights,” Boyd says. “We’ve made a lot of progress as a state, and we look forward to working with a large and broad coalition to defeat this anti-worker, anti-union recall effort.”

Newsom continues to support California’s public schools, colleges, working families and communities. In February, he prioritized vaccines for educators, paving the way for a safe return to in-person instruction. Newsom’s budget provides record funding for public education, with landmark investments in early childhood education, community schools, and a focus on the whole child.

“The governor’s budget includes historic increases for the restart and recovery of our school and college campuses,” Boyd says. “His plan to expand transitional kindergarten to all 4-year-olds and his investment in social and emotional supports will help give students a promising start to a bright future.”

Newsom is also leading with record investments to address California’s affordable housing and homelessness crisis, expand affordable health care and child care, and increase wildfire preparedness.

“Gov. Newsom’s commitment to California’s working families and communities is long-standing,” Boyd says. “He has worked with educators to bring accountability and transparency to corporate charter schools, support equity and social justice, and protect workers’ safety and rights on the job.”

Mail voting will begin Aug. 16, and all voters must be registered by Aug. 30 to vote unconditionally in the recall election. Polling places will also be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sept. 14. Check your registration status and find your polling place at

Boyd urges all educators to support Gov. Newsom and vote no on the recall. “We have to stop this recall, and I hope that you will help us.”

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  1. Mike Berry says...

    Amazing how uninformed or misinformed libtards are. Let’s revisit Brandon’s post. Newsome closed schools for YOUR kids but his kids were going to private school.

    Larry Elder is putting a list of all CA teachers,administrators, principals and school board members who send their kids to private school. Preliminary information shows the results are staggering.

    When will people wake up to the fact that the politicians like greasy Gavin are all about power and control

  2. Brandon Wagner says...

    Vote yes on the recall! Newsom is a hypocrite who sent his kids to private schools when he shut down the public schools. Let’s not forget that he ignored his own mask mandates and social distancing by going to fancy restaurants with lots of acquaintances while keeping his own winery open while shutting down competition. Newsom deserves to be in prison along with the CTA members who support him and have also violated their oath to defend the constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. B.Wagner, CTA educator that takes the oath seriously!

    • Paul Gilbert says...

      We elected our governor and vote No on the recall. I would like to see an end to this foolish practice of recall elections. If an elected official must be removed for criminal or serious wrongdoing there are better ways to do this. Only in California do we play politics and run these recall elections.

  3. Jen Veveiros says...

    I am voting no, but who should we choose for a backup? Any recommendations?

    • Brandon Wagner says...

      Vote yes If you care about freedom and civil rights. Vote Larry Elder! Supports school choice! And yes I’m a union teacher (7 years) have seen the corruption.

      • Brandon Wagnerisamoron says...

        Larry Elder pulled a loaded gun on his ex fiancee. He is on record for numerous misogynistic remarks. And he failed to properly disclose his finances as required of candidates. Do a little research, this is all indisputable.

        • Brandon Wagner says...

          Everything you stated is propaganda that has been proven to be a lie or unverifiable. He did disclose his finances, which the state run Dems stated he did not as a reason to withhold his name from the ballot. After a lawsuit that showed he did provide his finances, the state recanted and had to allow Elder on the ballot. There is no proof Elder ever pulled a gun on his wife. This is an angry accusation from his ex-wife with no witnesses. Have you done the research? Why would you vote for Newsom when he has clearly violated his oath of office when defending the Constituion? He has violated the 1st Amendment’s freedom of assembly with the shutdown edicts, 14th Amendment’s equal protection under the law with the shutdowns, 2nd Amendment, and freedom to peaceful assembly.

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