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For months, hundreds of community members, educators, and parents with Twin Rivers United Educators (TRUE) have been fighting to oppose school closures.  The Twin Rivers Unified School District was considering closing 10 schools because of a projected one percent budget deficit.

Last month, the community and TRUE members came together to protest school closures during the January School Board meeting. Over 600 people rallied to show their overwhelming support to oppose school closures and to keep all schools open. The wide spread community backlash led to a 6-1 School Board vote to NOT close schools.

“We knew that the District was able to afford to keep all of our schools open,” said Rebecca LeDoux, sixth grade teacher at Foothill Ranch Middle School and President of Twin Rivers United Educators. “It required a lot of involvement, months of coming to board meetings and speaking out against school closures and thankfully, we prevailed. We did this for our students. They were the light that kept us going even when times got difficult.”

TRUE Vice President, Jackie Howard and TRUE President, Rebecca LeDoux

In the last five years the District’s revenue has grown by more than $82 million, going from a budget of $267 million to $369 million. Additionally, last year’s reserves grew by almost $10 million, making their overall reserves a historic $48.8 million.

“This victory means more than just protecting our schools, it means that our kids get to see what happens when people unify and come together to make a difference,” said Sarah Cavalari, first grade teacher from Babcock Elementary that was slated to close. “This is a lesson that they can hold on to for the rest of their lives.”