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By Sherry Posnick-Goodwin

A better 2021 is on the horizon, and in that spirit we bring you our annual Innovation Issue: Beacons of Hope.

We showcase eight educators who not only are excellent teachers but connect beautifully with students during this pandemic with innovative instruction and resources at hand:

  • Don Dumas goes beyond textbooks to teach the truth about America’s past
  • Jennifer Hines connects with her Deaf students – and their parents
  • Jose Gonzalez keeps kids, communities thriving with tech
  • Keara Williams helps high school youth rise in school and in life
  • Donna Woods guides students in learning critical cybersecurity issues
  • Jennifer Escobar preserves knowledge and heritage through oral histories
  • Wajeha Chaudhry reaches children – and promotes literacy – through reading
  • Davida Scott focuses adults students on overcoming the past, making a future


We know our 2020-21 innovators are but a few of the thousands of you in California making an enormous difference in students’ lives. We are so grateful for the wealth of talent and heart you give to our children and youth. Thank you, educators.


Innovators 2020-21

Illustration by Kelly Malka