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On CTA’s COVID-19 Facebook page, we asked you to show and tell us how you’re doing. We want to know: Had a distance teaching/learning accomplishment or technology win? Happy with your virtual classroom? Got a fun video to share? (We’re still interested! Click here to enter your answer, or upload a photo.)

Below are some of your responses:

Heather Kelly

Marysville Unified Teachers Association

“My students and I are doing great! We love using Zoom, and they’re doing the work I assign through Google Classroom. I’ve set up my Elmo at home and am able to share the screen so that they can see me write on my paper. We’ve played games together, read books together, solved math problems together, and had show and tell together. We are making this work!”

Danelle Dibble

Making Waves Academy, Richmond

“Learning Zoom and Screencastify. Endless text threads with my team all day long. Too much work and grading the online assignments.”

Brannin Dorsey

Fremont Unified District Teachers Association

“I’m a 20-year veteran and it’s been a shift. Thank goodness for technology!! I’m learning new things every day and appreciate the grace given to me by the parents. To maintain normalcy I get ready for work every day: hair, makeup, and accessories. The whole shebang! Shh… I wear my slippers because my feet are cold.”

Ken Johnson

Manteca Educators Association president

“So sad. One of my high school seniors stated it ‘was so ironic that we always complain that we never have any free time and now that we do, we’re all bored.’ How young and yet how mature. That gives us hope for the future in the midst of this crisis. We will overcome. We got this!”

Rebecca Hayhurst

Ross Valley Teachers Association president

“It has been tricky to balance the needs of my 3 children at home, while planning and filming lessons for my kindergarten students. I think the hardest part for me is that this is the part of the year where they really start reading, and it’s so magic! Families are doing their best and so am I. I’ve had wonderful support from my administration, a dreamy set-up with two amazing grade level colleagues who share all tasks large and small with me, but it is still quite hard. I miss classroom life, but I am proud of what I have created in its absence.”

Tyra Weis

Associated Pomona Teachers

“Overwhelming sadness, fear and confusion.”

Michael Ogdon

Central Unified Teachers Association

“I’m scrambling to develop capability with electronic tools.”

Lisa Solis

San Diego Education Association

“I am a music enrichment teacher and I have been facilitating classes for kinder and preschool students via Facebook Live out of my home. I am so happy to connect with my students and give them some connection to their life before the crisis and to bring some joy through sharing a musical experience with them.”

David Lollar

Kern High School Teachers Association

“Abrupt, unexpected, but I have adjusted well and reoriented myself, but deliberately been focusing on my students’ survival, SEL, and emotional connection. And trying my best to help other teachers do that too.”

Allison Johnston

Harmony Union Teachers Association

“I’ve been working hard to create original and engaging hands-on lessons that nourish the whole child. I’ve created a hybrid model with a math consumable sent home, LEXIA phonics practice online, 3 zoom ‘circle times’ for 30 min weekly, and multiple extensions available on SeeSaw for families to interact with.”

Amy Walker

Salinas Elementary Teachers Council

“It’s been stressful trying to get students to log in successfully and for everyone to get access to technology devices.”

Mrs. Aday-Morales

Rialto Education Association


Taunya Jaco

San Jose Teachers Association

“I’m concerned about my students, whom I’m unable to reach. It’s challenging to realize that I won’t get to be with my students to bring the school year to a close and celebrate their accomplishments. At the same time, I’m inspired to find solutions to the new challenges that face education. It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions, but I remain hopeful!”