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By Terry Ng

ACHIEVING THE PERFECT online teaching setup can be hit or miss, as you’ve no doubt discovered this year. We recommend a few tools to help you improve your stream quality and expand your creativity — without breaking the bank. Level-up your Zoom or any live remote teaching setup so you can be fully in charge of your classroom environment.

Occffy Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses  $20

Mitigating eye strain associated with hours of screen time can lead to better sleep at night and help with dry eyes
and headaches. A 2017 study done by the University of Houston found that participants who wore the glasses showed about a 58 percent increase in their nighttime melatonin levels.


USB Microphone  $36

Sound quality is one of the most important aspects of remote teaching.  You can get by with lower video quality, but if your students can’t hear you, they’ll tune out immediately. Help students hear your voice clearly with a high-quality computer microphone.

Sceptre 20” LED Monitor  $75

Adding a second monitor will make it
easier for you to see your students and
present your lessons at the same time.


Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam  $99

Although it’s the most expensive item on our list, this webcam kills two birds with one stone. Great video requires excellent optics but also requires excellent lighting. The Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam includes a built-in ring light for flattering studio-like lighting and full HD capability.


Neewer 6×9 feet Green Screen  $17
A green screen creates a multitude of opportunities to record and stream with different backgrounds, adding opportunities for creativity every day.


Govee LED Strip Lights  $40

Get your Hollywood on! Add these color-changing light strips to your room to brighten up your teaching area and change the ambiance with the click of a button.