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Parents and staff are packing Browns Elementary School District’s school board meetings to stand and speak up in support of their wonderful teachers who are bargaining their first contract.  Supporters say it looks like Superintendent Mike Scully and the Board of Trustees have targeted Chico Pena, bargaining chair for the newly-formed Browns School District Teachers Association.  Scully has recommended non-reemployment for Pena, an act that has outraged parents and teachers.

Parents and teachers have taken to social media in support of BSDTA’s student-centered agenda and in total support of Chico Pena. They have posted a declaration of support on the Browns School District Teachers Association Facebook page for Pena, a beloved teacher and student advocate.

“Great teachers are hard to come by. He’s one of them.  Why are they trying to get rid of a great teacher?” says parent Jamie Granados.

CTA is supporting Pena and the teachers’ negotiations efforts.  There are nine teachers serving 146 students whose goals are attracting and retaining great teachers while insuring a safe and supportive place to learn and work.

In the photo above: BSDTA members are Chico Pena, Aimee Adams,  Laura Hansen, Rebecca Wall, Eileen Van Assen, Pamela Jensen, Valerie Keylock, Kerrie Corbridge and Danielle Larson

Browns Elementary parents support their teachers

These parents are attending school board meetings in their efforts to support teachers. Back row (l-r): Jamie Granados, Pamela Jensen, Suzanne Bosworth, Laura Hansen, Rebecca Moore. Front row (l-r): Eileen Van Assen, Aimee Adams, Kerrie Corbridge, Amber Hackett, Valerie Keylock, Danielle Larson.