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Expanded course offerings, new books and supplies, lower class sizes, modernized facilities and more dedicated educators are only a taste of what’s possible with increased public education funding generated by the Schools & Communities First (SCF) initiative. Educators know just how much $12 billion in additional funds would mean for our students, schools and community colleges, so let’s share our voices on social media as part of SCF Education Awareness Week from today through Jan. 31!

Every day this week focuses on the many ways SCF will improve the educational experience for all students. From the need for more school nurses and other student supports to visualizing a well-funded classroom to more resources for community colleges, Education Awareness Week will show the vision of the schools our students deserve through the words of the educators who support and nurture the future leaders of our state and country.

Add your voice and images to the discussion on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. If you don’t already, follow CTA and Schools & Communities First on these networks. We all want better schools for our families and our communities—let’s share how SCF will start undoing more than 40 years of chronic underfunding and invest in our future!

Use the hashtags #SchoolsAndCommunitiesFirst, #FundOurSchools and #WeAreCTA and add your voice to the discussion. Sample posts and information are available at Share why SCF matters to you!

“We know what SCF will mean for our students and their families—let’s raise our voices together and share why we’re putting schools and communities first,” said CTA President E. Toby Boyd. “Our students are counting on us!”