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This week, members with the Selma Unified Teachers Association (SUTA) pleaded with the Selma Unified School District’s school board to preserve the resources and services that Selma students need, rather than cut the dedicated educators who provide them. Claiming declining enrollment and the district’s tight budget, district managers proposed cuts that include two teacher librarians, four regular classroom teachers, five program support assistants, three program managers, one behavior intervention specialist, two coaches, and five intervention teachers.  

Credit: ABC 30:

Educators in Selma play a pivotal role in the lives of their students. Many of the students are first-generation Americans, a large percentage with parents who are farm workers and speak English as a second language, so these students lean on their teachers for the support the need.  

Cutting educators would mean cutting the pillars of support these students rely on. Maintaining vital services for Selma students and resources for the classroom should be the top priority for Selma Unified administrators.  

“This is about making sure vital programs are maintained for our students, especially our most vulnerable populations,” said SUTA member Rachel Starbuck. 

On Feb. 25, the school board will decide whether to stand with students or to accept the district’s recommendation and cut services. Support this fight by reaching out to SUSD board members and telling them to put students first and save the resources they need to succeed.