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The Schools and Communities First (SCF) initiative qualified for the November ballot with more signatures than any proposition in California history. The 1.7 million signatures collected (well above the nearly 1 million required) represents the support and effort of more than 300 social justice, faith-based, education, labor and philanthropic organizations powering SCF. It also proves that Californians are ready to close corporate tax loopholes to generate $12 billion every year for critical local services, essential workers and schools.

As school districts, local governments and the state face a historic budget shortfall, Schools and Communities First will be key to California’s recovery and reinvestment. SCF maintains the Prop. 13 tax limits for small business, agricultural land and residential property, including apartment buildings. But it requires that commercial and industrial property be taxed at full market value, closing corporate tax loopholes that have affected funding for schools and public services for more than 40 years.

With SCF, we can invest in local governments, schools, and essential workers like first responders and public health nurses, which will be so critical to recovering from this crisis.

Help ensure SCF passes in November and schools and public services get funding they desperately need. Go to to learn more and get involved.