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A statewide survey on Californians and education released April 22 by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) finds, among other things, that 53 percent of likely voters would vote yes on the Schools and Communities First (SCF) initiative, which is expected to appear on the ballot in November. By comparison, 46 percent of likely voters said they would vote yes when the SCF question was last tested in November 2019. Here’s how the question was worded and specific results:

Other noteworthy findings are that people think COVID-19 is the biggest threat to schools, people are concerned about school closures and the general lack of funding for schools right now, and people approve highly of how their school districts and elected officials are handling the crisis.

Findings in this report are based on a survey of 1,633 California adult residents, conducted April 1–9, 2020.


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