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By Ed Sibby

SAN JACINTO- Members of the local union, San Jacinto Teachers Association (SJTA) organized at the San Jacinto Unified School District (SJUSD) on Wednesday to express concerns about class sizes, safety, and need for social distancing to ensure the health of students, educators and support professionals, and the community.

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SJTA members maintain social distance during their organizing activity in front of SJUSD office

According to teachers, some class sizes were impacted before the pandemic, and with social distancing requirements, those numbers must be reevaluated.

SJTA members ask “What is a safe number of students in the classroom?”

To the credit of new SJUSD Superintendent Dave Pyle, he came outside to engage in conversation with SJTA organizers during the event; it’s SJTA’s hope that personal outreach will help district administrators find common ground to ensure the safety of all members of the education community in San Jacinto.