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By Ed Sibby

On Wednesday September 27th, Rialto Education Association (REA) members joined education support professionals for a rally before the Rialto Unified School District (RUSD) board meeting Wednesday evening to ensure Rialto students have the best educators RUSD can recruit.  

Hundreds of teachers and support staff adorned in red shirts marched in and around the streets near the RUSD office to make their case for fair compensation.  

Over the last few years, Rialto’s compensation has fallen from the top third in regional salary to the bottom third. Addressing substandard pay is critical to resolving the crisis in service delivery–for students who need those supports–and educators who must otherwise fill the gap due to the shortages of aides. 

REA President Tobin Brinker explained, “The district has an obligation to ensure our outstanding teachers and support staff remain in Rialto while encouraging future educators to begin their careers in this school district. Rialto’s rank of 17th in new teacher pay is undermining RUSD’s ability to fill positions.” 

Rialto’s Educators and support staff are united by the belief that support services are vital to the success of our student population. Poor pay leaves dozens of support staff positions unfilled due to the lack of a livable wage.

REA negotiators argue that RUSD can easily afford the cost of salary increases currently being bargained. The State placed additional billions in revenue to school districts statewide over the last three years. It has enabled the RUSD to INCREASE its reserve for economic uncertainties during this period. 

We are proud members of the Rialto Education Association, who rallied to show our daily commitment to the education of every student in Rialto Unified School District. Winning fair compensation means our students will have the best educators and support staff we can attract.” 

Tobin Brinker, REA President

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  1. Joseph says...

    Isn’t this the same Tobin Brinker that said so much negative about CTA in the past in interviews and social media posts? While I appreciate supporting the chapter, it seems like CTA should not glamorize him by quoting him directly.

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