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The latest negotiations sessions have resulted in Redding Teachers Association (RTA) members feeling unappreciated by the Redding School District (RSD).

Redding teachers have done their homework, says RTA President Dan Gunther, and the RSD can more than afford the teachers’ modest proposal of 4.5%.  “That would bring us back to where we were in 2007.”

“Redding teachers took layoffs and pay cuts during the fiscal crisis of 2008,” Gunther added. “Now, the district has received back 100% of the funding the state took away at that time, plus COLA increases, including $1.5 million in new on-going funds.”

Despite some increases in recent years, salaries are still behind and RTA is concerned about attracting and retaining the best teachers for Redding students. RSD’s contentious bargaining, and hesitancy to use this year’s money for the benefit of this year’s students are not something teachers want to see just before Christmas.

“The message sent is this: Teachers, and therefore students, are not a priority. Just as Ebenezer Scrooge changed his miserly ways, there is time for this district to restore our confidence, and prove RSD does in fact value Redding teachers,” said Gunther, referencing “A Christmas Carol.”

“It’s time for the superintendent and the school district to invest in educators so it can recruit and retain teachers. Investing in teachers is an investment in the future of our city.”