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ON CALIFORNIA DAY OF THE TEACHER, May 10, CTA launched a series of TV, radio and digital ads spotlighting community schools – a campaign that will continue throughout the year. “Planting Seeds: Inspiring students and future educators” is the theme, which parallels California’s growing and thriving community schools movement.

The ads focus on the importance of the shared leadership and decision-making governance model that allows community schools to create new and successful opportunities for students and local communities.

“Community schools lift the voices of folks who traditionally have not been heard, whether they are parents, students, community groups,” said Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association President Grant Shuster in one of the ads.

“It’s shared decision-making with parents,” said United Teachers of Richmond President John Zabala in the same spot. “They’re saying that these are the priorities that they want to see for their kids.”

Both Anaheim and Richmond school districts, as well as other districts across the state, are well along the path to growing their community schools in partnership with CTA chapters, parents and community. With the support of the State Legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom, California is now leading the nation with a $4 billion investment in the development and expansion of community schools.

Community schools have proven to foster lower rates of absenteeism, better work habits, grades, test scores, and behaviors, high graduation rates and higher enrollment in college-prep courses.

“Educators, parents and students are reimagining public education in their local communities through community schools,” said incoming CTA President David Goldberg. Watch the ads at Learn more about CTA’s work with community schools and ways to reimagine public education at

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