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By Julian Peeples

Educators across the Central Valley are joining the United Farm Workers’ (UFW) 335-mile march to win the right to vote for a union, free from intimidation and threats.

The UFW’s March for the Governor’s Signature is a 24-day long trek from Delano to Sacramento to convince Gov. Gavin Newsom to sign CTA-endorsed AB 2183 (Stone), the Agricultural Labor Relations Voting Choice Act. This bill would give more choices to farmworkers voting to form a union, guaranteeing the right to vote in secret, free from intimidation.

Educators on the march

Last year, a similar bill reached the governor’s desk, only to be vetoed by Newsom. AB 2183 is currently awaiting a full vote from the state Senate. UFW and supporters are hoping that when the march arrives at the Capitol on Aug. 26 – California Farmworker Appreciation Day –that the governor will show his appreciation by signing the bill into law.

The shortest day was nine miles and the longest stretch is 22 miles, between Le Grand and Merced.

When the march began Aug. 3 at UFW Headquarters in Delano, CTA District H Board Member Jesse Aguilar was there, completing the full 12 miles from Delano to Richgrove.

Jesse Aguilar, leaving Delano at the start of the march

Along the way, CTA members and service centers have joined the march and supported the cause:

  • Members from Fresno Madera Service Center marched and donated, with a Student CTA member completing the full 14 miles from Biola to Madera.
  • Merced Mariposa Service Center donated.
  • Members from Stanislaus Service Center marched and donated.
  • Turlock Teachers Association donated.
  • Modesto Teachers Association donated.

“We made great efforts in the Central Valley to support the UFW,” says CTA District F Board Member Eva Ruiz.

This weekend marks the homestretch for the march, passing through Stockton and Lodi before arriving in Sacramento on Aug. 26. Temperatures throughout the trek have been brutal, with highs in the triple digits for most of the march.

There’s still time to march in solidarity with farm workers – sign up to join the march here. Can’t be there in person? Donate here to support this historic march and fight for union rights for all farm workers.

Follow the march on Twitter at @UFWUpdates.



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  1. Renee Cazares says...

    How can I march one day?

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    How can I join the last part of this march?

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