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By Julian Peeples

Nearly 650 CTA leaders built relationships, made connections and prepared for the school year ahead at Presidents Conference in Burlingame last weekend.

CTA’s leaders spent a busy four days planning in regional meetings, developing their skills in a variety of union building and technical sessions, and sharing their organizing success stories, learning from and inspiring each other as educators and unionists.

“We’re all here today because we care. We care that we live in a state that is the fourth largest economy in the world while we rank 37th in the US for per-pupil spending; that our students aren’t getting the resources they deserve.” — CTA President David B. Goldberg

“Real change comes when we build power together.” — CTA Vice President Leslie Littman

“Our power in the Capitol comes from the classrooms and campuses of our local schools and colleges … from the 310,000-plus members of CTA and our capacity to organize and mobilize together to win the schools our students and educators deserve” – David Goldberg

“I want us to think about not just fighting back, but fighting forward! Fighting forward in building power with our members and across our local unions! And fighting forward for the promise of public education.” – David Goldberg

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