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By Gabriella Landeros

For the Los Gatos Elementary Teachers Association (LGETA), keeping inclusivity in their classrooms without the influence of outside groups aiming to erode public education is a top priority. Earlier this month, over 27 educators and multiple families showed up to the Los Gatos Union Elementary School District Board of Trustees meeting to stop a proclamation from a parent group looking to divide the community. Educators and families came in unified with powerful messages showing immense solidarity in the belief that all students deserve great public schools. 

“What resonated with our members is that the district has never received such a request from an outside organization. Furthermore, this outside organization is part of a network of groups seeking to undermine public education and reduce the safety of all students. Our educators care deeply for our students and want nothing more than to have a safe learning environment for all. Allowing political actors to drive our educational policy is simply unacceptable.”

Bobby Ruyle, LGETA President

The school board was so incredibly moved by educator and parent unity, messaging and signs, that tears were shed, and it was unanimously decided to completely abandon the proclamation from this outside group looking to infiltrate public education for their political self-interest. 

“It was important for us to come together because we have seen what happens in districts where similar proclamations have passed. We need to protect our students. Our union worked diligently with the community to create a strategic plan that values respecting differences, empathy and communication skills. We were surprised that a group from outside our community would propose such a proclamation that goes against these ideals” said Ruyle.  

We are seeing instances like this pop up all over the Bay Area, but together we are showing that when we remain united for the safe and inclusive schools that our students deserve, anything is possible!  

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