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By Cynthia Menzel, Josh Kob and Gabriella Landeros

This is an update to “2006 Strike Remembered as Hartnell College Faculty Fight for Professional Contract” appearing in the December 2023/January 2024 California Educator.

After a marathon 16-hour negotiating session, Hartnell College Faculty Association (HCFA) and Hartnell College Trustees agreed to a contract on December 8 that attracts and retains valued teachers. There are many wins in the tentative agreement, which resolves or improves many issues of concern for all faculty and includes no “takebacks.” A voting window will be shared with HCFA members to ratify the agreement.

“We are pleased Hartnell College accepted our challenge to get this deal done. Student and community support were invaluable to our team to get us over the finish line. The negotiations team led by Ashley Gabriel was tireless and determined to get something for everyone.”

–Nancy Schur-Beymer, HCFA president

HCFA won healthcare for part-time faculty that’s compliant with the AB 190 100% reimbursement program. HCFA also has one of the best health benefit packages around with fully paid health care.

“This is huge, as faculty unions throughout the state are still struggling to win this. We believe ours is perhaps the 15th agreement out of the 72 community college districts in the state that utilizes the AB 190 reimbursement program. We’re proud part-time faculty will have the opportunity to take advantage of our excellent, employer-paid health care,” said Schur-Beymer.

“While increases will vary, everyone will see healthy increases during this three-year contract” said Schur-Beymer. “This agreement moves Hartnell College from last place to first in the region and significantly increases the college’s salary rankings statewide.”

The agreement leapfrogs the faculty salaries over the closest neighboring colleges: Monterey, Gavilan and Cabrillo. The salary schedule was compressed to increase the career earnings of faculty and make the salary schedule more cost-effective. The compressed salary schedule eliminated “dead zones” where teachers’ pay was frozen.

Other wins include improvements in salary for coaches and those who teach lab classes, part-time re-employment preferences and working remotely for non-instructional faculty, including counselors, librarians and instructional specialists. Contract language improvements included expanding bereavement leaves, association rights and grievance procedures.

This win is proof that when teachers work together, students win!

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