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Often educators’ creativity spills over into a book, blog, app or other work. We’re happy to showcase members’ talents.

Dealing With Bullies

In Bullies and Peeps, Meg is a misfit at school, preferring nature to people. One day, her only friend joins a girl group led by Hannah, the most popular girl in the class. The group bullies Meg, though she finds a welcome distraction in a goose sitting on a nest of eggs in the school courtyard. No one is prepared for what happens after the eggs hatch. Written by J.D. Suhre, a third grade teacher and United Educators of San Francisco member, the book is meant for children ages 8-12. Available on Amazon.

A Life in the Classroom

Carl Love spent 22 years as an elementary school teacher, a career he loved. The former Murrieta Educators Association member did not feel safe teaching during the pandemic, so he retired last fall and has just published a book about his time as an educator, I’m Not Your Friend, I’m You’re Teacher. “It reflects the reality of life today in a classroom, the kids who hug you and then can’t do their homework, the new ways of teaching that can be challenging and also rewarding,” says Love, pictured on the cover with some of his former students. On Amazon.

Free Science Resource for Educators

Gary Eisenberg, retire Vacaville Teachers Association member, enjoyed using “Come With Me Science,” a curriculum featuring illustrated cards, audio narration and songs to teach about various plants and animals, with his students in the ’80s. Following the passing of creators Pat Perea and Margaret Starkey, Eisenberg assembled and updated the 17-unit curriculum, making it available on YouTube and aimed at grades TK-4. The free resource pairs original audio with photos in short videos, and offers separate videos for the songs to use for review. Check it out here.

Got something for this page? Send details to with “Lit From Within” in the subject line. We lean toward new(ish) work that can be used in the classroom.

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