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Memoir of A Teacher

Hannah Lynn Demerson spent 34 years as an educator and has written a memoir of her experiences showing what it’s really like to be a public high school teacher. The CTA/NEA-Retired member, whose grandmother and mother were educators as is her daughter now, hopes I Barely Got Here! Can I Make It in Teaching? appeals to young people considering a career in public education. Veteran teachers will see themselves in her stories, and the general reader will gain insights into educators’ lives and work. “You never know until you have classes of your own just how much your students can surprise, terrify, and delight you,” Demerson says. “We need more great teachers to meet the challenges of the 21st century! These stories may help you understand the depth and complexity of a noble profession.” On Amazon.


Alison Peoples, a member of Santa Rosa Teachers Association, has a new book out in hardcover: Trinidad’s Garden. Homeless Trinidad and his faithful German Shepherd, Rascals, have been living in an abandoned house owned by Jake. The two African American men strike up a connection that gives Trinidad a job and a place to live (and create his garden!) and gives Jake a solid worker. For ages 9-12. A Spanish-language version is coming out as well. On Amazon.

Presidential Ambitions

When not teaching government and economics to high school seniors, Dave Milbrandt, Bonita Unified Teachers Association member, is writing. He recently released an award-winning novel, Fool’s Luck, which he is converting into a screenplay. The plot: When high school teacher Myles
Bradford wins the Powerball lottery, he decides to – run for President of the United States. His family is not thrilled as Bradford is thrust into running a nationwide campaign, complete with nonstop travel, and staffing and security issues. He faces attacks and false accusations from newfound political enemies. Meanwhile, danger lurks on the home front. Will his thirst for power come at a tremendous cost? Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers.

For Young Adult Actors

Mike Kimmel, on leave with Burbank Teachers Association, has come out with his 10th book in the performing arts. Monologues for Young Adults is an original collection of family-friendly, gender-neutral, stage and screen scripts to help up-and-coming actors nail their college drama program auditions and professional performances. With relatable, real-world topics applicable to those in their 20s and 30s, these scenes discuss ethical questions ideal for deep thinkers to explore. Available at Amazon.