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My Life With Rosie

Angela Sadler Williamson, associate professor at Rio Hondo College and member of the Rio Hondo College Faculty Association, published My Life With Rosie: A Bond Between Cousins last year. Voted the best children’s book on Black history by Mothering magazine, it shares a different side of Rosa Parks only known to her family — the Williamson family.

Parks spent most of her adult life living in Detroit after leaving Montgomery, Alabama, in 1957, and Cousin Rosie, as she’s known, formed many special relationships with young people, especially her young cousin, Carolyn Williamson Green (the author’s aunt). The book helps continue Parks’ legacy and philosophy on activism by teaching young readers how to become change agents in their community. On Amazon.

In 2017, Williamson made the award-winning documentary My Life With Rosie, which examines Parks and Green’s relationship and Green’s quest to continue her cousin’s activism. On Amazon Prime.

The Other Side of the Desk

Jaime Bonato is a 20-year educator and member of San Juan Teachers Association whose passion is supporting new teachers. She has just published The Other Side of the Desk: A Guidebook for Surviving and Thriving Your First Years as a Secondary Teacher, which helps early-career educators design, create and maintain an effective classroom, step by step. The book shows novice teachers how to streamline and focus on the most important systems and resources to have the most positive impact on student learning — while saving their sanity. Good for teacher mentors and anyone in need of a refresher, too. On Amazon.

The Other Side of the DeskThe Other Side of the Desk

For Young Performers

ESL and drama teacher (and actor and playwright) Mike Kimmel, Burbank Teachers Association, spent his downtime during the pandemic writing not one, but three new books. Two are sequels to his previous books, with all-new material. Find them on Amazon:

One-Minute Monologues for Teens. One hundred original monologues for young actors, with optimistic spins and challenging ideas.

Monologues for Teens II. Help students nail their next audition with 60 new monologues.

Monologues for Kids and Tweens II. One hundred new comedy and drama monologues for our youngest performers.

Monologue for kidsMonologue for kids