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Jeanna Tang has more than 15 years of solid experience in the field of special education. As a co-teacher, resource teacher, special education department chair, and instructional coach she has upheld — and continues to uphold — the rights of special education students and educators. In addition, she works to eliminate the discrimination that these students and educators often face.

Tang currently works for the Ontario-Montclair School District as a Teacher on Special Assignment and Home and Hospital Administrator Designee. In this role, she ensures that students are prepared to return to their regular day class or an alternative education program at their former level of performance. With patience and understanding, she works on making sure that her students are successful.

By presenting at conferences to share best practices in delivering equitable instruction to meet students’ needs, Tang has inspired many aspiring educators as they begin their careers — particularly in special education.

As an instructional coach, she is a great mentor to new and veteran teachers. Tang goes out of her way to help teachers plan, help them with classroom coverage, create differentiated materials for specific students, model instruction, support teachers with IEPs at all levels, and to offer professional development at specific school sites.

Tang is a compassionate professional who accepts all she crosses paths with. “The best way to teach is to actually know the students, know them for who they are, and meet their needs,” Tang says. “I’m just doing my best to make sure the children feel loved, welcomed and that they can be successful.”

Watch Jeanna Tang’s short video here. Read about the other Human Rights Award winners here.

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