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Seven award winners standing and three CTA officers seated at awards ceremony

2020 Human Rights Award winners: Top row: Joel Laguna, Erika Jones, Anne Alvarez, Guillermo Gómez, Jayson Chang, Dave Szymanski of San Diego County SCC, Carmina Ramirez. Bottom row: CTA Vice President David Goldberg, President E. Toby Boyd, Secretary-Treasurer Leslie Littman.

The past year has tested educators like never before — not only in remote classrooms, but also in larger communities. The relentless pandemic has increased economic and health inequities among students and families. Civil unrest stemming from systemic racism and injustice has rocked our streets.

Through all the tumult, educators have stepped up. From working hard to ensure students’ academic and emotional needs are met to helping feed and clothe families to advocating every day for safe schools and equality, educators are frontline heroes.

CTA recognizes outstanding work by its members every year with its Human Rights Awards, which promote development of programs for the advancement and protection of human and civil rights and social justice within CTA.

Nominations are now open for the 2021 awards. They are presented to CTA chapters and Service Center Councils, and individual members in these categories:

  • American Indian/Alaska Native Human Rights Award in Honor of Jim Clark
  • César Chávez “Sí Se Puede” Human Rights Award
  • CTA Member Human Rights Award
  • CTA Peace and Justice Human Rights Award
  • African American Human Rights Award in Honor of Lois Tinson
  • Human Rights Award for LGBTQ+ Advocacy in Honor of Nancy Bailey
  • Pacific Asian American Human Rights Award
  • Students with Exceptional Needs Human Rights Award
  • Human Rights Award for Women’s Advocacy

If you know a colleague who deserves recognition, nominate them! Find more information and criteria for the group and individual awards at

The nomination deadline is Jan. 11, 2021. Awards will be presented at CTA’s Equity and Human Rights Conference on Feb. 27, 2021.