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Gompers Academy Takes Federal Loans, Lays Off Over 40% of Staff

After CTA members working at the San Diego charter school witnessed Gompers Preparatory Academy apply for and receive $2.25 million in Paycheck Protection Program and $408K in Cares Act funds, teachers felt no reason for concern about their employment. Academy enrollment had not changed and with the government loans, every teacher anticipated returning in the new school year.

Unfortunately, Gompers Academy board members had a darker agenda in mind; despite continuing to receive full state education funding in addition to emergency funds in the amount of 2.7 million dollars, 29 shocked Gompers teachers received lay-off notices from Academy officials.

While teachers and parents are clamoring for answers to these questions, the board has not met in six months. It’s next meeting is scheduled for June 23.

Gompers Teachers Association (GTA) has spent weeks organizing against the cuts that are simply not justifiable given the current budget situation. Gompers Academy officials have offered no plausible explanation for a 43% reduction in its teaching staff.

Union members have felt targeted by the lay-offs, labeling them as an “attempt to end unionization efforts”. Under this current plan, more than half of the teachers in the school’s English and history departments will lose their jobs.

Want to help? Sign the petition demanding Gompers Preparatory Academy reinstate those who received lay-off notices here.