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By Julian Peeples

Inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and powered by our unbreakable unity, CTA State Council of Education last weekend set a path for our union’s future, as we continue to fight for the schools all students deserve.

In his address to State Council, CTA President David B. Goldberg highlighted Dr. King’s “people-powered movements for justice,” reminding council representatives of the solidarity that was the foundation of these historic movements.

CTA President David B. Goldberg

“It fills me with hope to know that the people I’m looking at right now – a room of nearly 1,000 public school educators – are carrying on the legacy of Dr. King today. In our union. And in our classrooms. In our people-powered campaigns. We’re all united by the struggle for public education,” Goldberg said. “The idea that children of every race, background and zip code should have the freedom to learn and pursue their dreams. The idea that every child deserves an accurate, honest and quality education, no matter the color of their skin or where they call home. An education that reflects, their truth, their history, and who they are as a person.”

CTA African American Caucus Chair Camille Butts introduced a powerful African American Community Presentation.

At the beginning of a crucial year that includes the election of a president, U.S. senator and 2,000 school board members, as well as a near-$40 billion state budget deficit, Goldberg reminded State Council that our commitment to each other and our students is our greatest resource.

“As union educators, we have the power to impact the outcome of every election, and in particular our local school board races,” Goldberg said. “It’s through strong locals and collective action that we can ensure victory in those board races.”

Educators discussed issues and set the course for the union.

To help achieve our union’s goals on Election Day, CTA State Council approved $1.5 million for ballot initiatives during 2024. Council also made additional candidate recommendations for the coming election – view all CTA’s recommendations at

It was a State Council meeting filled with gratitude for retiring Executive Director Joe Boyd, who is stepping down after five years at the helm. He led CTA’s staff during unprecedented times, supporting the CTA Officers and Board of Directors in the fight for safe, healthy and racially just schools with an old-school organizer’s mindset and a big heart. As part of his final report to CTA State Council, Boyd shared his Top 10 list of items for union success.

“Don’t third party the union,” Boyd said. “It’s ‘we’ and ‘us,’ in good times and bad.”

CTA Executive Director Joe Boyd and President David Goldberg

The CTA Board of Directors hired Jeff Good to be CTA’s next executive director. He previously worked as a primary contact staff, as well as executive director of United Teachers Los Angeles. He will address CTA State Council for the first time as executive director at the next meeting.

The African American Caucus Observance included a panel on mental health and mindfulness activities.

Council elected the following members to terms on the NEA Board of Directors:

  • District 2: Ever Flores
  • District 7: Lorraine Richards
  • District 8: Rafael Gonzalez
  • District 9: Grant Schuster
  • District 11: Yulil Alonso-Garza
  • District 14: Kelly Villalobos
  • District 15: Barbara Jackson

CTA State Council will next meet April 5-7 in Los Angeles. Goldberg encouraged members to step up the fight during this important year.

“We have righteous work before us! Our history tells us it is possible,” he said. “Dr. King said ‘the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’ My friends, we are critical in the movement to bend it.”

This year’s cohort of the Ethnic Minority Early Identification Development (EMEID) Program attended State Council to see democracy in action at CTA’s highest governing body.

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