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A roundup of our members’ efforts to conquer COVID-related challenges facing students and communities across the state

Loving ‘Kind’ness

Charter Oak Educators prepared boxes for distribution to hospitals, first responders at fire and police stations, and to mental health facilities.

Check out how Charter Oaks Educators is assisting hospitals and first responders with food and snacks during the COVID-19 crisis. It’s an inspiring example of the power of loving “kind”ness … and a MUST-see video!

Economics lesson

Educators are confronting the digital divide every day as they try to ensure all students have access to learning.

The Times Tribune’s John Cole illustrated the digital divide and homework gap on April 28, 2020. His cartoon captured how school districts and teachers are scrambling to offer online lessons to students during the COVID-19-related lockdown. A major obstacle to these efforts is the digital divide that separates families who have full access to the internet and devices such as laptop computers, and those less well-off who don’t. It’s another long-running socioeconomic problem that’s been brought into high relief by the pandemic.

Members pitch in to produce PPE

Our members have looked for opportunities to serve their communities, even making personal protective equipment (PPE) for hospitals and first responders. Manteca Educators Association member Scott Myers is one of them. He uses school equipment and donated materials to produce face shields.

Using a laser cutter, “I’m able to make two (shields) at a time, about every two minutes,” he said. He and his group just received 4,000 square feet of PETG plastic from the Coca-Cola Company and 5,000 face shield frames from Maker Nexus.  Read the full story here.

Manteca Unified’s Be.Next Game Design Academy instructor Scott Myers shows a laser-cut mask he made. He and his group plan to ramp up production.

Overwhelming parental approval of educators

According to a just-released NEA survey, a whopping 88 percent of parents approve of educators’ efforts during the pandemic. You should be proud – and rightfully so.

Statistics above were taken from the latest National Education Association survey

Students, educators, there for each other: