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Did you know there are 13 federally defined categories of disabilities in special education? In their Disability Awareness Calendar, Kristine Bautista and Zeke Aguirre tell you what they are, highlight common educational challenges, and offer tips on teaching special ed students in each category.

The 9-by-12-inch wall calendar, currently available in a 2019-20 edition but soon available for next year, uses each month to reference a specific disability (deafness and hearing impairment are combined). Simple text and graphic elements show such information as the percentage distribution of students ages 3-21 served under IDEA (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).

A page from the Disability Awareness Calendar.

Special ed teachers Bautista and Aguirre, members of Mountain View-Los Altos District Teachers Association and East Side Teachers Association, respectively, say their calendar is a way to bring awareness and spark creativity in the classroom. It’s particularly useful for new and general education educators as well as special ed departments.

The new edition, running from August 2020 to July 2021, will soon be available for purchase (5 percent of proceeds go to the Special Olympics). Go to for more information.

Calendar creators Kristine Bautista and Zeke Aguirre use each month to focus on a specific disability, highlight common educational challenges around them, and offer tips on teaching special ed students in that category.

Featured image: The cover of the 2021 Disability Awareness Calendar.

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