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Association of Cypress Educators (ACT) morning site gatherings grow as members support their bargaining team goals.

At every school site in Cypress School District, members gather together before the school day in a show of solidarity for their bargaining team. Teachers “Walk-In” together united in support of the efforts of their team; one that has spent many months and meetings and has yet to hammer out a settlement. Their commitment to the morning “Walk-Ins” is positive proof of the unity ACT has created this year around issues members care about.

ACT leaders are continually checking in with members and gaining valuable feedback. During a listening tour by ACT leaders last week, the bargaining team and leaders spoke candidly with members about what parts of the bargaining proposal they are willing to come out and support. The candor and transparency of these conversations have created a greater sense of ownership of the negotiating process for all ACT members.

The change is directly due to ACT leaders who decided to build their bargain around core principles of Trust, Evaluations, Achievement, and Mentorship. This TEAM approach ensures ACT members are pursuing goals that improve school climate and culture that will lead directly to teacher and student success.

Regrettably, the CSD school board has continued to turn a deaf ear and refuses to listen or meet with ACT to discuss how to work together on achieving these student and teacher-centered goals. It’s frustrating; nearly every other school board in the region values and cultivates a relationship with its educators.

But ACT is not giving up. Their organizing team keeps folks engaged and informed about their plan to win a fair contract and members are constantly expressing their appreciation and recognizing the team’s hard work.

While the number of additional sessions the ACT negotiating team will need is unknown, the momentum and crowds of teachers getting larger each morning with new faces indicates educators are feeling the power of standing up for students, their community, and their profession.

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