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CTA Human Rights Award winners 2018

CTA Human Rights Award winners 2018. Top row, from left: Cecily Myart-Cruz, Lucia Lemieux, Julie Zeman Brady, Melanie Bean, David Fisher, Ann Betz, Estella Owoimaha-Church. Seated, from left: Mary Levi, CTA Vice President Theresa Montaño, President Eric Heins, Secretary-Treasurer David Goldberg, Elizabeth Villanueva. Credit: Ingie Williams

Many CTA members work tirelessly inside and outside the classroom to champion those without voice, whether individual students or marginalized communities. Each year, CTA’s Human Rights Awards recognize some of these educators. The 2018 winners, announced at CTA’s Equity and Human Rights conference in early March, possess a commitment to social justice that is fierce — and inspiring.

“We honor these educators’ work and dedication with the Human Rights Awards,” said CTA President Eric Heins. “Their passion and sense of justice is extraordinary. They make a difference in so many lives.”

The winners are listed below. For more about them and what they do, read the upcoming April/May issue of the California Educator.

Sacramento City Teachers Association, CTA Chapter Human Rights Award. SCTA President David Fisher and human rights chair Melanie Bean accepted the award. See Fisher and Bean talk about SCTA’s work at

Mary Levi, American Indian/Alaska Native Human Rights Award in Honor of Jim Clark. See Levi talk about her work at

Elizabeth Villanueva, Cesar Chavez “Sí Se Puede” Human Rights Award. See Villanueva talk about her work at

Julie Zeman Brady, CTA Member Human Rights Award. See Zeman Brady talk about her work at

Estella Owoimaha-Church, CTA Peace and Justice Human Rights Award. See Owoimaha-Church talk about her work at

Cecily Myart-Cruz, Human Rights Award in Honor of Lois Tinson. See Myart-Cruz talk about her work at

Lucia Lemieux, Leadership in Lesbian and Gay Human Rights Award in Honor of Nancy Bailey. See Lemieux talk about her work at

Ann Betz, Physically/Mentally Challenged Students’ Issues Human Rights Award. See Betz talk about her work at