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Kathy Seal higher res

Left to right, California Casualty’s Norma Alfaro and Lisa Almeida, Palmdale Elementary Teachers Association President Kathy Vanderzee and CTA President Eric Heins.

At CTA’s annual Presidents Conference in San Jose this July, new and returning chapter presidents and chapter leaders came together to share experiences and sharpen skills.

New leaders also had the opportunity to learn more about the longtime partnership with California Casualty. The auto and home insurance provider also gave away a prize: Kathy Vanderzee, president of the Palmdale Elementary Teachers Association, won tickets to a Seal concert, complete with chauffeur, at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga. Vanderzee says she thoroughly appreciated the night out, which left her feeling rejuvenated for the work to come.

California Casualty has worked with CTA for 67 years to provide members with tailor-made options for protecting their personal property.