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This bylaw amendment is being proposed to update and clarify the language regarding the California Faculty Association. The proposed amendment to Article V will add the California Faculty Association to the composition of the State Council of Education. The proposed amendment to Article IX will clarify the relationship of the California Faculty Association within the California Teachers Association.

2017-2018 Proposed CTA Bylaw Amendment

Legend: Additions are underlined. Deletions are struck through. Unaffected and unchanged text is denoted by asterisks (* * *). Approved by CTA Board 4/2018 ARTICLE V – STATE COUNCIL OF EDUCATION Section 1. Functions. * * * Section 2. Composition. * * *

a.      Electoral District Representatives. Except for electoral districts established to provide representation for members of CTA/NEA-Retired, an electoral district shall consist of one or more chapters or Statewide Affiliated Chapters of that represent Active or Student members.

(1)    * * * (2)    * * * (3)    * * * (4)    * * * (5)    * * * (6)    Chapters and Statewide Affiliated Chapters who are affiliated with the Association as well as one or more other employee organization(s) shall receive representation as established in their agreements with the Association.

b.      Electoral District Retired Representatives. * * * * * *

ARTICLE IX – AFFILIATES Section 1. Affiliation. * * * Section 2. Classes of Affiliates. * * * Section 3. Governance Affiliates. Affiliates shall be of three types, national, state and local. (Amended June 1990, January 1998)

a.      National. * * * b.      State.

1.      The Community College Association and the California Faculty Association are is a state governance affiliates, with the powers, duties, and functions as specified elsewhere herein or as provided for in agreements between the Association. (Added June 1990, January 1998) 2.      The California Faculty Association is a CTA Statewide Affiliated Chapter that is a single statewide local representing the California State University System faculty with the powers, duties, and functions as specified elsewhere herein or as provided for in agreements with the Association.

c.       Local. * * * * * *