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Andee Aceves

2008 California Teacher of the Year Andee Aceves in a recent video against arming educators with guns.

Politicians and others short-sightedly suggest that arming educators with guns — to “harden” schools — is a solution to gun violence and a multitude of other problems on school campuses.

Eighteen — and counting — former and current California Teachers of the Year have made short videos asking that, instead of firearms, educators be armed with everything from professional development, time to teach social-emotional learning, and basic resources and supplies.

In addition, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson on March 8 announced the release of an “Open Letter to President Trump” opposing efforts to arm teachers, calling for the elimination of military-style assault weapons from our communities, and providing increased access to mental health services.

The letter was signed by 61 California Teachers of the Year. “We need more mental health services, smaller class sizes, more counselors, more nurses, and more training in how to effectively deal with students in crisis,” according to the letter.

Many other educators have joined the #ArmMeWith campaign and #CATOYVOICES efforts as well.