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By Gabriella Landeros

CCA chapters across the state are examining ways to implement equity policies or Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) in their contracts. In an interview, Mt. San Antonio College Faculty Association (Mt. SAC FA) President Emily Woolery shares how Mt. SAC FA is working to do this.

Why is DEIA important for locals to implement? Mt. SAC faculty had been working on issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion before the Chancellor’s Office mandated the inclusion of DEIA competencies into evaluation processes. To include DEIA competencies into our local’s work further strengthened our faculty’s commitment to improving the learning environment for many of our students. While much of the work focuses on student learning and support, this work will also deepen our understanding of the faculty’s experiences and should strengthen our ability to represent our faculty.

How did you implement DEIA at Mt. San Antonio College? In our contract article on professor expectancies and evaluation procedures, we committed to guiding principles based on Title 5 section 51201 (Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the California Community Colleges). We agreed to draft language that included diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism and to conduct an evaluation pilot study. We agreed to do a pilot study where the first year we would develop language together in draft format, we would do a study using that draft language, and if successful, we would forward recommendations to the negotiations team. This agreement resulted in forming a workgroup that included members of the Mt. SAC FA where we could appoint five–six faculty to this workgroup. The district also appointed managers to be in the workgroup and together we looked through the evaluation language in the contract. We have completed the draft language but have not completed the pilot study. Last we discussed, we will test it out in the spring semester. At Mt. SAC we use DEISA+ to represent diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, accessibility, anti-racism and others.

What advice do you have for locals trying to implement this in their contracts? I believe it’s important for locals to take the lead, if possible, within their district and it’s been helpful at Mt. SAC to include full-time and part-time faculty from across the campus in reviewing our expectancies and evaluation processes. There was much faculty interest when we put out a call to join the joint workgroup of faculty and district administrators. This was an added benefit in that we now have five–six faculty who have greater familiarity with the contract and our local’s work, and they have experience and feel comfortable working with the district.

If you have any interest in joining CCA’s DEIA Task Force to help guide CCA’s DEIA work, please email CCA Vice President Randa Wahbe at The task force will guide CCA’s DEIA work by connecting with other statewide groups to create sample DEIA language for contracts and make recommendations for local CCA chapters regarding DEIA policy.

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