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After last year’s strike, teachers endorse slate of candidates to ensure the schools all students deserve

At the beginning of the 2018 school year, Banning Unified School District’s unilateral decision to implement an extension to the school day-in direct violation of the collective bargaining agreement-led to a three-day teachers’ strike. Banning Teachers Association (BTA) will leave nothing to chance this election cycle in endorsing qualified candidates in this year’s November 5th Banning Unified School District (BUSD) school board race.

During the strike, BTA was frustrated by the lack of leadership of the board majority. Prior to the job action, BUSD ignored the many opportunities BTA provided for a negotiated settlement that would avert the disruptive school stoppages. During that divisive, three-day strike, BUSD Superintendent Robert Guillen remained resistant to a settlement, resulting in additional unnecessary loss of instructional time. Parents’ frustrations boiled over as the board seemed unwilling to change course- even after community sentiment shifted to near-universal support of Banning teachers.

BTA knows that effective local leaders are an essential part of a collaborative working relationship. Members know that without that professional leadership, the possibility of another disruptive battle is likely.

BTA believes their effort to partner with qualified and committed local school board candidates will help BTA to become the collaborative educational environment all students deserve. After many months of outreach, Banning educators are excited to stand behind several qualified candidates who will build bridges to better relations between the district, educators, and our parent community.

BTA is pleased to endorse Mayra Anguiano, Leslie Sattler, and Laura Troutman, three outstanding BUSD board candidates who are grounded in the community and ready to ensure each student has the proper resources for success. By doing so, BUSD will become the outstanding place to work that will attract the next generation of educators to teach in Banning.

Area 3 candidate Laura Troutman

Candidate in Area 3 Laura Troutman, whose two youngest children attend Cabazon Elementary School, is a Morongo Indian Reservation resident with deep roots in the community. Laura decided to run for school board to act upon the many parent concerns she has heard as an active parent. She believes that every Banning child will succeed when we rebuild effective district-to-educator communication, institute plans to retain quality teachers, and collaborate with all community members to make Banning schools the best in the county.


Area 2 candidate Mayra Angiano

Area 2 Mayra Angiano is a Banning resident with a plan for improved education access for all students. Mayra was born and raised in Banning and is deeply connected to the community. Mayra holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and earned a Master’s degree as a Child Life Specialist. She works as an Infant Services Coordinator at Inland Regional Center and is an adjunct professor at Loma Linda University. Mayra believes in clear and open communication to establish and sustain a trusting relationship between parents, teachers, and the district.

Area 1 candidate Leslie Sattler


BTA also endorsed Leslie Sattler, an experienced local educator with 14 years of teaching and leadership experience in Banning public schools. Leslie has the proven leadership qualities, communication skills and will provide a unique perspective of the district; one that will add insight to help provide the best quality education for our Banning students.

Area 4 candidate Lucy Martinez-Lara

Running unopposed in Area 4, candidate Lucy Martinez-Lara is proud to be born and raised in Banning, and also attended Banning schools as a former student. She now has children of her own in the district. She believes BUSD should provide greater transparency about its spending priorities.  Her goal is to increase parent involvement and show that community ideas are valued in the district.

BTA President Anthony Garcia thanked his team for their efforts; “Our members have done their homework- now BTA will help elect our endorsed candidates to create the schools all Banning students deserve.”

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