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This week, the Auburn Union Teachers Association held an organizing event at the school board meeting in Auburn.  AUTA members “Picnicked the District” to show support for their Bargaining Team.  Members from each school site spoke during public comment, stating their support of the team and urging the board to settle with AUTA at the next bargaining session. 

Members all wore their red Association t-shirts with #bettertogether and #WeAreAUTA. They also wore gold buttons with the number of years they have worked for the district. There is over 1,132 years of Auburn Union School District experience – all providing education across the five campuses. From first-year educators to 40-year veterans, the 102 members are an incredible group of dedicated people.  

“Our members have over 1,100 years of service within our district, proving that we have made Auburn Union a priority in our lives. Nearly half of our educators showed up at this week’s meeting to urge the board to make us a priority with a fair contract settlement,” said Lysa Sassman, AUTA President. 

These people have options and choices about where to work. They have chosen, some for a very long time, to work in AUSD. They have made Auburn Union a priority in their lives. And now, Auburn educators are urging district management to make them a priority. 

Attracting, retaining and supporting the people who are face-to-face with students every day should be a priority. AUTA urges district management to settle the contract swiftly, so that educators can focus solely on the education of their students.