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Thousands of educators in Arizona and Colorado are on the march today, calling on lawmakers in their respective states to invest in education, teachers and support professionals.

Arizona educators have walked out of their classrooms. Colorado’s educators rallied at their state Capitol.

Though Arizona’s Gov. Doug Ducey has announced a plan to increase teachers’ pay over the next three years, educators say it’s not enough. They want the state to restore education funding to 2008 levels, in addition to salary increases that will match the national average.
The Colorado Education Association, meanwhile, says the state has not kept up with a constitutional mandate to increase school funding each year by at least the rate of inflation. Educators have spoken out about not having the resources to do their job, and having to work with, for example, outdated texts and broken photocopiers. According to NEA, Colorado’s average teacher salary ranks 31st in the country.  They are rallying for their schools, their students and their profession.
CTA President Eric Heins sent a letter of support to the Arizona Education Association on April 26, 2018.
Photo: Arizona Educators Protest. Credit: Andy Blackledge, Flickr Commons