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Lauren Ensor, Jennifer Phillips, Laura Henao

Fifth grade teachers Lauren Ensor and Jennifer Phillips with student teacher Laura Henao.

Making wellness an integral part of our lifestyle — particularly in the face of ongoing stress, uncertainty and challenges — is an active process, one we must choose every day. Our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health is essential to being our best selves, leading to balance in our lives, a sense of well-being, and positive interactions with others.

Jen Tsurumoto

PE teacher Jen Tsurumoto

You can’t do it alone! Friends, family and colleagues can help, of course. For educators, formal structures and support systems at schools and among peers can be enormously beneficial. In this special section, you’ll find some of these programs described, as well as tools and tips, many from fellow educators, on how you can achieve and sustain lasting, optimal wellness.





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