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MT. SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE FA (MT. SAC FA), Most Full and Part-time Faculty Non-Member Conversions to Member

MT. SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE FA (MT. SAC FA), Most Part-Time Faculty Non-Member Conversions to Member

“We held a membership drive in October 2021 and a member unity day in April 2022. In October, we visited professors in many classrooms and called faculty that had online assignments. We held 150 one-on-one conversations that resulted in 25 membership applications. In April, we visited fewer classrooms, but we gave out 55 new Mt. SAC FA T-shirts and gained five membership applications. We accomplished these events with significant guidance and support from CTA staff. Getting scripts for one-on-one conversations and being able to observe CTA staff in these conversations helped us learn these valuable skills. We also received and appreciate grants from CCA. Having one-on-one conversations inspires me to do this work. I love to learn about people, and these conversations remind me that I work with so many wonderful people. The one-on-ones renew my energy and help me move forward in supporting these colleagues.

– Mt. SAC FA President Emily Woolery

Back row (left to right): Jake Anderson (CTA Staff), Arleigh Kidd (CTA Staff), Robin Devitt (CTA Staff), DeWayne Sheaffer (CTA Board Member) and Tom Pinkava (CTA Staff) Front row (left to right): Andrew Oman (CTA Staff), Andrew Staiano (CTA Staff), Emily Woolery (Mt. SAC FA President), Jacqualynn Hearne (CTA Staff) and Angel Maldonado (CTA Staff)

MONTEREY PENINSULA COLLEGE TA (MPCTA), Most Full-Time Faculty Non-Member Conversions to Member

“Reaching out initially and following up directly with new hires was a key piece of our organization approach the last couple of years. We have enjoyed a healthy number of full-time hires, and we did a good job of connecting personally with new faculty, and many non-members that have been around for a while, and put effort into brief one-on-one connections, asking how people were doing, and nudging them towards the benefits of union membership. It is now somewhat common to receive an unsolicited email from faculty wishing to join MPCTA. I send the online enrollment links, and we keep growing a little each semester.

– MPCTA President Anthony Villarreal

Top (left to right): Alan Haffa (MPCTA Bargaining) and Anthony Villarreal (MPCTA President) Bottom (left to right): Lauren Blanchard (MPCTA Bargaining) and Rushia Turner (MPCTA VP)

NAPA VALLEY COLLEGE FA (NVCFA), Most Full-Time Faculty Non-Member Conversions to Member

“NVCFA is very honored to have received this membership award. Our local works very hard to reach out to every new full-time and part-time faculty member and explain to them exactly what the union does for them. Moreover, we are sure to be there for our faculty and provide service whenever they need it – allowing them to see for themselves how valuable union membership is! We are inspired every day by our hard-working colleagues.

– NVCFA President Kristie Iwamoto

MT. SAN JACINTO COLLEGE FA (MSJCFA), Largest Increase in Full-Time Members

“We wrote emails to the new hires, and we were successful that way. We did have several town halls for faculty to voice their concerns. I sent out the membership link to everyone whenever someone new asks to join, and I usually ask colleagues to get their disciplines on board. We are planning a big membership drive on Aug. 10 at Bolero Winery.

– MSJCFA President Karen Cranney

Left to right: Karen Cranney (MSJCFA President), Lauren Springer (Menifee Campus Rep.), Lorraine Slattery (MSJCFA Vice President) and Elias Escamilla (Menifee Campus Rep.)

RIO HONDO COLLEGE FA, Largest Increase in Part-Time Members

PALO VERDE COLLEGE FA (PVCFA), Largest Percentage Increase of Full-Time Members

“PVCFA is excited to receive this award. We have the highest membership this year than any other year. By our estimate, we have 90 percent of our faculty as full union members. We recruited every new faculty member that our college hired this year. Most of our new hires are between ages 30 and 35, so their enthusiasm for membership and career longevity was the drive behind our membership increase. We are aiming to recruit more members next year as our college is hiring more faculty. Over half of our faculty are on tenure-track, so our chapter’s goal is to increase membership and begin preparing the newer faculty for leadership roles and being active in union matters.

– PVCFA President Richard Castillo

FACULTY ASSOCIATION OF RANCHO SANTIAGO CCD, Largest Percentage increase of Part-Time Members

FACULTY ASSOCIATION OF RANCHO SANTIAGO CCD, Largest Overall Percentage increase of Members


DANA DEMERCURIO, SAN JOAQUIN DELTA COLLEGE, Part-Time Faculty Award in Honor of David B. Milroy


“As an out queer faculty member I often felt alone in the work. This award signifies that we are not alone, that there is a community of people doing this work. And the more we work together, the better things will be for faculty and students. I am a lifelong union supporter, starting with organizing in my early 20s. I have always advocated for the LGBTQIA perspective in the union, whether it’s in the language in our contracts or the health and safety issues around all-gender bathrooms. The union is the front line to help make change. I have always been inspired by the students.

Kirstyn Russell, San Joaquin Delta College




“It’s an honor for me. I am not doing this to win awards. I am doing this because I truly believe in making change for the betterment of our peoples, and for the union as well.

Ricardo Aguilar, San Joaquin Delta College



Nena Anguiano (middle) receiving the award

“I feel very proud and honored because I could see from the recipients that it’s not only meaningful to me, but people have done a lot of work and have shown a lot of commitment to receive this award. I feel special, and I shared this with my family. They were so proud of me. We have amazing people on our campus and in our union – incredible leaders. I am in awe of the situation because I have other people that I admire so much that are so deserving. For me, I come from a family of farmworkers, and we definitely had ‘Sí Se Puede’ come through our community. When I got to Butte College, I saw that the faculty in the union weren’t just smart people, but they actually understood how to lead and had power in the sense that their voice mattered. They used their understanding of what our community needed. I was so impressed by them, so when one day someone suggested I run for an office, I wanted to do anything I could do to be helpful. It’s a very different feeling to show up to a place and feel like someone has your back.

Nena Anguiano, Butte College EA


Karyn Bower (right) receiving the award

“I think it’s a great honor. I very much appreciate that my colleagues put my name in for this award. We try to advocate for all of us at our organization, and you’re just supposed to be doing what you’re supposed to be doing. I am grateful that they considered me. I had a colleague in my actual department who was the former chair, and I always felt guilty that she worked so hard to advocate for all of us. I felt like I was never doing enough and leaving it in the hands of one person wasn’t fair. Once she was leaving, I knew that someone needed to do it, so I wanted to go ahead and help with that. COVID-19 hit, and life was different, and it was a big ride for my term.

Karyn Bower, South Orange CCD FA


Robin Devitt (left) with her husband Brian (right)

“I was very surprised and rewarded to find out that my chapters had discussed this, and      the nomination submitted by the Mt. SAC FA was awarded to me. It is heartwarming to know that as staff, I am recognized for the support, training and advocacy I do every day to improve faculty working conditions, benefits and salary. As a lifelong advocate that grew up in CTA with parents that worked for or were leaders in southern California locals, I grew up with big ‘union family’ values. I worked in a local as support staff and loved helping educators: very passionate about consumer/employee rights, justice, fairness, equity, and workplace engagement/satisfaction. This work is vital, educators need to concentrate on providing education and being participants in their locals so their needs are represented. Emily, Nicole and other presidents wanted to try for the statewide nomination, that was a tremendous accolade for me.

Robin Devitt, CTA Staff


Dr. Greg Gibson (middle) receiving the award

“I feel really humbled that I’ve had the opportunity to serve my local. Out of gratitude for that opportunity, I am grateful for my parents and grandparents who didn’t have the opportunity to go to college. I am grateful to Dr. Maloney for all that she has done. She has mentored me in even more ways than she knows. I am committed to creating opportunities for others. I just got involved because I saw the need. I really look up to some of the people on our executive board, because they talk about how they grew up in unionism. I never even heard of unionism until I came to the college. I wasn’t interested and I didn’t see the benefit at first, but then I saw what was going on. Our college needs our union in a radical, serious type of way.

Dr. Greg Gibson, San Joaquin Delta College TA


“I have been involved in union work for over the past six years. A dear friend and colleague convinced me that my skills would be well suited for a leadership role at our local. Since then, I have served in various roles including being a CCA Board Member, SCFA Negotiator, and Dispute Resolution Officer. This work is so important because advocating for faculty is crucial in supporting the success of student scholars. I am grateful to the entire SCFA Rep Council for the nomination. Without them, SCFA successes achieved during my term as President would not have been possible.”

Michelle Macfarlane, Sierra College FA (SCFA)


Back row (left to right): Meg Eckles (SCEA), Eric Maag (SCEA), Candice Taffola-Schreiber (SCEA), Ken Yanow (SCEA), Annette Rempt (SCEA)
Front row (left to right): Marianne Reynolds (CTA Staff), Laura Brooks (SCEA)

“I am honored that the SCEA chose me for this award. The entire union team is a delight to work with. Their advocacy and caring for their membership are an inspiration. I was an eighth grade U.S. history teacher who got involved in my local union at Bellflower USD early in my career. Standing up for the rights and professionalism of teachers was and is a passion of mine, so I decided to apply to work at CTA in a CCA staff position. Rio Hondo College Faculty Association member Mary Ann Pacheco made sure the K-12 faculty always knew what was going on in the higher education world. Robin Devitt was my CTA staff person at the time, and she was very supportive and made sure I had numerous experiences to prepare me.

Marianne Reynolds, CTA Staff



Left to right: Karen Boll (CTA Staff) and Dorothy Reina (CCA Director for District K and CCA Conference Committee Chair)

“I felt very honored that CCA recognized me as their 2022 State WHO Award winner. I grew up in a union family, and I was very familiar with the great work CTA does for its members and our communities and students. When the opportunity to work with CTA presented itself, I was excited to join CTA and be involved in its fight to improve equal access, justice, and resources for all of California’s students, teachers, and classrooms. I would like to personally thank Dorothy Reina and all the CCA Conference Committee members for their hard work and dedication in putting together the CCA conferences.”


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