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A recent EdWeek article explored the topic of mispronouncing student names. Students talked about feeling embarrassed or invisible when teachers didn’t try to pronounce their names correctly. Some even felt pressure to change their pronunciation so teachers could say their names easier.

We decided to poll CTA members: Has your name ever been mispronounced?


A whopping 81% have experienced name mispronunciation! Then we asked:


Here’s what you said:

1. “Spell it phonetically.”

2. “Ask your students! They appreciate it.”

3. “I ask each student how to pronounce their names.”

4. “At the beginning of the year, I have them sit in pairs and it helps me remember their names by association.”

5. “Keep trying!”

6. “Sit them in alphabetical order the first month.”

7. “The ‘About Me’ profiles I create include: Legal Name, Preferred Name with Phonetic Spelling. I use name tags too.”

8. “I have students sit in ABC order with name tags for the first month.”

9. “For the first month, I have students say their names before speaking.”

10. “Repeating their names over and over again in front of the class shows that teachers have things to learn too!”

EdWeek Video:

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