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2022 Summer Pass Season

Link to the session descriptions can be found at the top of each section.

The following sessions qualify for the 2022 Summer University Credit Program:

Session Descriptions (PDF)

10 Ways to Get to Know Your New Students (Even in a Virtual Setting) 

Amplifying Every Student Voice 

An Exploration into SOGI: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Schools 

Calm the Chaos with Easy to Implement Class Management Strategies

Caring for Our Profession: Engaging Members and Leading our Profession

Classroom Management for a Positive and Productive Learning Environment

Closing General Session with Leslie Littman

Community Schools: What Are They, and How Can We Win Them?

Confronting White Nationalism in Schools

Creating an Engaging, Student-Centered Classroom

Creating Conditions to Thrive: Environments That Support Social, Emotional and Academic Development

Creating Digital Escape Rooms to Engage All Learners 

Cross-Language Communication Tools

CTA/NEA Member Benefits – All That Jazz! An Overview for All Members 

De-centering White Culture and Re-centering Diversity Using Picture Books

Developing Writers in a TK-2 Dual Language Setting

ELD 101 for Success

Expanding Teaching & Learning Opportunities: General Sessions

Filling Your Cup

Formative Assessment with Quizizz, Edpuzzle and Nearpod

How to Create Classrooms that are Trauma-Embracing Rather than Merely Trauma-Informed

Implementing Genius Projects in the Early Learning Classroom

It’s All Fun and Games then Somebody Starts Learning Math!

Level Up Your Google Classroom

Mathematics for Social Justice: Lessons From Within a Mile-Range Radius

NGSS: Engaging Your Students Virtually and In Person

Not All Kids Come to School Ready to Learn: We Can Change That Today!

Not Your Typical History Class – A Thematic Approach to Teaching History

Opening Keynote Session with CTA President

Positive Classroom Management Strategies and Discipline Techniques

Ready Player One – Engagement in Zooms, Rooms, Meets, or Seats

Revisiting Our Why?

RISE – Resilience in a School Environment

Stronger Together: Building Authentic Home School Partnerships

Teacher Geek is Chic! – SEL-ebrate Students!

The Year EdTech Saved Education and the Beginning of an Education Revolution

Understanding Students and Transformative SEL

Understanding Students While Implementing Transformative SEL

Understanding Students While Teaching Empathy 

Universal Design For Learning (UDL) In The Mathematics Classrooms: A Catalyst to Activate Diverse Learners

Using Creative Drama to Bring Common Core ELA to Life

Using Digital Badges as a Motivational Tool

We are Water & Land Protectors

Session Descriptions (PDF)

101 Ways to Energize Your Chapter


Appealing Leaflets and Info Graphics: Using Canva

Bargaining Communications and Messaging (BC 206)

Bargaining for the Common Good

Bargaining Special Education Issues

Building and Maintaining Community Schools

Building Power through Bargaining Campaigns (BC 202)

Building Power through Effective Organizing Conversations

Building Worksite Power to Win at the Bargaining Table

CalSTRS Retirement Essentials

Educator’s Guide to a Successful Retirement

ESP Issues Breakout

ESP: Pushing Through the Pandemic 

Everything is Political: How to Have Political Conversations that Move Educators to Action

Expanded Teaching and Learning Opportunities

Facilitated Conversation with CTA Officers and Executive Director

How to Apply for CTA Staff Position

Intro to Health Benefits and Processes for Reducing Health Care Costs

Introduction to the Bargaining Process (BC 102)

Jazz It Up! Engaging with CTA/NEA Member Benefits

Keynote Session with NEA President Becky Pringle

Opening General Session with CTA President E. Toby Boyd

Practical Steps for Building Relationships and Partnerships with Parents and Parent Groups

Putting On Our Oxygen Masks First

Restorative Practices: An Alternative to Zero Tolerance Policies

Rights, Responsibilities and Hot Topics for ESP Union Leaders

Rural Issues Breakout

Special Education Issues: IEPs, Caseloads, and Classroom Safety

State of the State Budget

Strengthen Your Local – A Leader’s Guide to Membership

Up Your Social Media Game: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Live for Union Building

Urban Issues Breakout

Worksite Issue Organizing

Session Descriptions (PDF)

Bargaining Special Education


Beat, Melody, Sounds, Chants & Songs: A Musical Pathway for Developing Language in Emerging Speakers


Bonus Session: How Do the Changes in Special Education Credentialing Impact Me?


Class Management….Steps to Success


Closing Panel – Fulfill the Promise: Disability and the School to Prison Pipeline


Connected Classroom


Creating the Harmonious Classroom


CTA/NEA Member Benefits – All That Jazz! An Overview for All Members


Deaf Community Cultural Wealth and Deaf Education


Digital High Five: Tagging into the Co-teaching Experience


Filling Your Cup


From Dysregulation to Regulation


Hired! Students with Disabilities and Micro-business


Keynote Session with Dr. Temple Grandin


Mastering Small Groups: Differentiated Learning for Student Success


Mild to Moderate Instructional Strategies


Modify Your Curriculum in Minutes!


Opening General Session with CTA President E. Toby Boyd


Paraprofessionals in the Collaborative Setting, Secondary


Re-Imagining Rigor for Students with Moderate to Severe Cognitive and Complex Communication Needs


RISE 101 Resilience in a School Environment


The Learning Center Model:  Innovation for Student Success


Transition to Adulthood: Strategies for K-12 and Beyond


UDL Foundations – Secondary Perspectives


UDL, Inclusion and Collaboration:  Expanding Access for All Students


Understanding Both Sides of an IEP Table


Unique and Creative Transition Curriculum


Unique Needs of Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing