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2021 Summer Season

Link to the session descriptions can be found at the top of each section.

2020-21 Winter/Spring Season

Link to the session descriptions can be found at the top of each section.

Session Descriptions (PDF)

Opening Keynote Session with CTA President E. Toby Boyd

Create a Positive Learning Environment for ALL: Effective Class Management

Soaring Balloons & Heavy Shackles – Helping the Most Challenged Kids Soar

Fabulous Google Formative Assessments & Grading with Flubaroo

Bullying as a Social Experience: Intervene and Prevent Bullying in the Creation of a Safe Classroom

A-F Grading is Dead: A Research-Based Approach to Anti-Racist Mastery-Based Grading

Pedagogy of Resilience

Keep your Students Engaged and Motivated to Learn

Understand Students and Anger: Looking Deeper into the Student

Googlify Your Teaching to Differentiate for All Learners

Not Your Typical History Class: A Thematic Approach to Teaching History

Digital Interactive Notebooks: Google Slides for a Virtual Science Classroom

Adding More DRAMA and Writing into the Social Studies Classroom

Understanding Students and Trauma

Get Them Moving! Lessons to Help Kinesthetic Learners Online and in the Classroom

Using Nearpod and Interactive Notebooks to Engage Students During Distance Learning

Assessing Students for Learning

An Educators Guide for Financial Wellness and Retirement Planning

Make the Shift from a ‘Fixed’ to a ‘Growth’ Mindset PE Program

Sustaining Notetaking Strategies in a Hybrid Classroom

Creating Conditions to Thrive – A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction

Revisiting Our “Why”

Increasing Student Participation Online

Get on the Right Track with CTA/NEA Member Benefits

We Rise Together: An Anti-Racism Educators Panel

Session Descriptions (PDF)

Opening General Session

COVID-19 Exposes Public Education’s Soft Underbelly

Digital Toolbox Conversations: Using Canva & Action Network to Drive Engagement in your Local

Exploring Unconscious Bias

Members Own Their Own Union: Building Union Strength at Your Worksite

Educator Self-Care During COVID: Explorations in Wellness and Strengthening Immunity

Practical Steps for Building Relationships and Partnerships with Parents and Parent Groups

Strengthen Your Local – A Leader’s Guide to Membership


Student Discipline – Your rights in a distance learning environment and during in-person instruction

Taking Action: Contract Enforcement and Intro to Grievance Handling

Keynote Session with Dr. Grace Lee

Addressing Special Education Mid-Pandemic

Bargaining for the Common Good

Building and Maintaining Relationships with School Board Members and Trustees

An Exploration into SOGI: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Schools

Introduction to the Bargaining Process

Up Your Social Media Game: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Live for Union Building

Working Together While Apart – Organizing Through Technology with CTA’s Membership Tools

All Aboard! Organizing with CTA & NEA Member Benefits

CalSTRS/CalPERS Retirement Essentials

Confessions of a Former LCAP Director

Facilitated Conversation with CTA Officers and the Executive Director

Effective Local Candidate Recruitment

Moving the Needle: Strategies to Create Meaningful Change for Success

Strong Membership: Asking ESP Members to Join the Union

Bargaining Communications and Messaging

Best Practices for New Hires and Doing Member to Member Outreach

Educators Guide to Financial Wellness and Retirement Planning

How Educators Are Organizing Around Special Education Issues and Winning Improvements

An Insider’s Look at Working With Your School Board

Rights, Responsibilities and Hot Topics for ESP Union Leaders

State of the State Budget

The Intersectionality of Organizing

Closing General Session